Dear Athlete / Organizer

We are excited to start our blog to bring you articles and news items which will primarily be for endurance sports, fitness, nutrition and all things associated with it.

Alpha Racing has been in the business of RFID race timing since 2015. The platform is completely made in India. We have so far timed over 350 events across 80+ cities in 3 countries. We continue to invest our time and resources in bettering our platform. We are committed to offer the best services at affordable rates.

Last year, we began our online registration platform and are happy to say that we have made a modest start by selling over 10,000 tickets till date. We will continue to develop this and offer more features to organizers and athletes.

This year we will add some more services and products to our basket, as we plan to diversify into other areas of sports and fitness.

You can look forward to exciting news and articles here. Do come back!