Be a runner, be a storyteller…..

It is often quoted ‘once a runner, always a runner’.  Only a runner knows that it is not just about the exercise but a therapy for soul. A true runner knows that it is never about winning but becoming a better version of oneself day by day. Storytel app with its collection of eBooks and audio-books from the world’s best known authors on running is your perfect companion in this unique an individual experience called ‘running’.  The unique titles are a true delight for any athlete. 

The audio-book ‘The Longest Race’ takes listeners alongside ultra-marathoner Ed Ayres as he prepares for, runs, and finishes the JFK fifty-mile race at a then record-breaking time for his age division-sixty and older.  

While in ‘Running With The Kenyans’  Finn set out to discover what made the Kenyan athletes win the world’s biggest races – and to see if he could keep up. Packing up his life he moved from Devon to Iten, in Kenya, to eat with, interview, sleep beside and – most importantly – run with, some of the greatest runners in the world. 

These e-books and audio-books talk about the mindset to evidence-based practices or simply stories of great athletes told in the most fascinating manner. Include these to your storytel  bookshelf while you continue to practice running.  Read them in your free time or listen to them while you run! 

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