The All New RFID Arch

Over the last year we tested our new “RFID arch” at a few events, and with great success. So what is this RFID arch? It’s an arch that we quickly assemble at the start/ finish line with antenna panels attached to it from both sides and from top. This gives the combined benefits of mat antennas and panel antennas with a much better and all round coverage of the start line.

The mat antennas have traditionally been used for many years, more so because in early days runners wore the shoe tags. The panel antennas are normally with better signal strength, easier to transport and lighter. When mounted on sides, they would work very well for events with lesser number of participants, but would pose some challenges for high volumes at start lines. With the RFID arch arrangement it actually proves to be a better alternative.

The main advantages are:

  • No bump or obstruction on road for runners or cyclists
  • Cars and motorcycles can pass through
  • Better all round signal strength measured on RFID meter
  • Can cover wider start lines
  • Lower cost

So are we the only ones to adopt this? Absolutely not. Some of the leading international RFID race timing companies are also using this. It’s been seen in many big races with 20,000+ runners too.

We are pretty excited about this and are now coming up with better designs before the racing season kicks in. Alpha Racing has always been pioneering home grown solutions in RFID timing systems, and this is one of the many new things coming your way this season. Stay tuned!