Stories beyond Marathon – Vrukshathon

I’m Anurag Konkar, an enthusiastic and a professional marathon runner. I’hv been running for the past two and a half years and have run and won a lot of marathons in and around Pune.

This was my first year, participating at the Vrukshathon Half Marathon. The concept of this marathon was very impactful and important as it was to spread the awareness of our environment and to promote the spirit of health and fitness. In supporting this run, each and every participant was given a sapling to take back home and plant. And this act of kindness really took me by surprise and happiness.

The organization of this event was right on point. Right from the route support, hydration stations, pre and post marathon enthusiasm to the stretching sessions and really happy to have secured the first place at such a big event. The route was a little challenging though, as it had a lot of slopes to run through. Hats off to the Organizers and all the supper crew members for making this marathon one to remember.

I personally have seen so many runners and friends who have progressed their runs from 3kms to 5kms to Half and Full Marathon distances. And this just shows what a person is capable of doing, not just for him/herself but for environment around themselves as well. 

I feel there should be more such marathon’s conducted as it doesn’t only get people involved and aware of the consequences around us, but it also has set a way of getting healthier and fitter.

Running for me has been an excellent activity to not only test my Physical but my Mental Strength as well. It teaches you to Not give Up, to Enjoy the Hard work and Process, and to be Mentally Strong.

In India, running has taken such a huge step and has increased drastically all over our country. If the young generation get the right knowledge and experience of being healthier and fitter at such an age, it’s going to be wonders when they grow older.

Thank You

Hello Runners! I am Radha Kousadikar. I am a Physiotherapist. I’hv been running for the past one and a half years. It was my first experience participating at Vrukshthon and it was fantastic.
I am Sharing my experience through the below Video.

Running will strengthen your heart. Run for your body, Mind, Soul and Fun. Marathons gives you great satisfaction, inspiration and motivation , you’re running for a cause to help Nature, People or Environment.

Thanks!!! Be healthy!! Be happy!!